Ace Wheelset

Ace Wheelset

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We're thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: the DID Ace Wheelset! Crafted with precision for both racing and off-road adventures, the Ace Wheelset stands apart with its exceptional design and performance.

Handcrafted in Japan by DID's expert wheel technicians, the Ace Wheelset boasts unparalleled quality and reliability.

What Makes Ace Wheelset Unmatched? It's All About the Design.

Hubs: Engineered for feather-lightness, the Ace Hub sets a new standard for lightweight performance.

Rims: Ace Rims offer a perfect balance of lightweight construction and robust durability, surpassing even our acclaimed ST-X rims.

Spokes: Each spoke, and nipple is meticulously chosen for its top-tier quality, ensuring strength and resilience on every ride.

Elevate your riding experience with Ace Wheelset! Experience unparalleled control, agility, and shock absorption, along with superior traction and ride quality. Get ready to feel the difference on your next ride!

Delivered fully assembled and primed for action, the Ace Wheelset is ready to hit the trails the moment it arrives at your doorstep.

Discover the unmatched performance of the DID Ace Wheelset today!


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