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ACE Wheel Now Available!

Pro-level wheel set "ACE Wheel" now available to pre-order for KTM!

*Coming soon for Honda and Yamaha

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Revolutionize your motorcycle and dirt bike riding experience with D.I.D Chain, the unrivaled choice for everyday riders and professional racers. Our cutting-edge motorcycle chains, chain kits and motorcycle rims are designed to amplify your bike's performance, providing unmatched reliability and durability. Whether you seek precision engineering or high-speed thrills, D.I.D Chain has got you covered. Explore our range of top-notch motorcycle and dirt bike chains that will elevate your rides to a whole new level.

Race Rady Chain Kits

Elevate your riding experience with the pinnacle of motorcycle chain kits – D.I.D x Renthal Race Ready Chain Kits.



    Unleash the untamed power of your motorcycle. Engineered to endure the most challenging terrains and extreme riding conditions, these chains offer maximum strength and durability. Dominate the track and the streets with the confidence that only D.I.D Chain can deliver. (find the right chain for your needs)


    Discover unyielding resilience with our motorcycle chain kits. Designed to conquer long-distance journeys and endure heavy loads, our chains are the epitome of reliability. Built to withstand the test of time, D.I.D Chain guarantees a smooth and worry-free ride, no matter the distance.


    Our chain kits are the ultimate choice for speed enthusiasts and professional racers. Engineered to provide lightning-fast acceleration and precise handling, D.I.D. Chains are trusted by champions around the world. Elevate your racing game with the superior performance of D.I.D Chain.

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Introducing the Valentino Rossi Collab

D.I.D and official brand ambassador, Valentino Rossi have teamed up to give you the VR46 Signature chain.

D.I.D Chains are the ultimate choice for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking uncompromising performance and resilience for a ride that's as reliable as it is exhilarating.

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D.I.D now with MAP Policy

We have implemented a 15% MAP Policy that is applicable for all D.I.D products sold online and shipped from within the U.S. and Canada.